Monday, October 05, 2015

The Worst Shirt in the Whole World

So offensive. So untrue. It should be illegal to disseminate such vile materials.

Friday, October 02, 2015

How in the hell...

...did I not know about this before today?

Consignment of America $100? I'm gonna be rich!

I know you will be surprised to read my email. Am an American
citizen,apart from being surprised, you may be skeptical to reply me
based on what is happening on the internet all over the world. one has
to be very careful because a lot of scammers are out there to scam
innocent citizens and this has made it Very difficult for people to
believe anything that comes through the internet but this is a
different case.

If you are willing to show me your honesty and trust, I think I will
be able to trust and work with you. I am an American and you should be
rest assured that I cannot be Involved in scam My name is Capt. Kate Carr Lee
, a member of the US ARMY medical team, deployed to Iraq Just
Because of the ISIS Problem. I just discovered two trunk boxes
containing consignment of America $100. I know you must Have Been
reading mails like this on the internet but i want you to understand
that out of 100, one can be true. I have deposited two consignment
boxes with a security company in Iraq. Am looking for a trust worthy
individual who will assist me to receive the funds before i will come
over and join the person immediately the funds get into your
care.Please, I want this to be between i and you since I am still in
the army. To prove my sincerity, you are not sending me any money,
because most of these scams are all about sending money. Though, I
would like to hold back some information's for security reasons for
now unitil i hear from you.Please view the below site.

Also, could you get back to me having visited the above website to
enable us discuss in a more clarifying manner to the best of your
understanding.I must say that I'm very uncomfortable sending this
message to you without Knowing truly if you would misconstrue the
importance and decide to go to the  public. In this regards, I will
not hold back to say that the essence of this message is strictly for
mutual benefit between you and I and nothing more. I will be vivid and
coherent in my next message in this regards, meanwhile, could you send
me an email confirming that you have visited the site and that you
have understood my intentions? I would like you to get back to me with
the Following information's;
1.Full Name...
5.Your Telephone Number..
As soon as i received These information i will get back to you.
Best Regards

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Ups and Downs

Every country has its good weeks and bad weeks. For Taiwan, this week will go down as one of the not so good ones:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Knock, knock?

Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you gonna miss John Boehner?
Nice one dude. But *my* new tattoo says 麻辣鴨血. It means "Invincible Hero of the Ages"

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's Not Brain Surgery

It is shocking that a lawyer whose web site touts his expertise in intellectual property law would sign his name to such a communication.

Ninja Pick Device


United States Patent Application              20130000655

The Ninja Pick Device of the present invention comprises of a glove, a detachable pick, and a detachable finger strap. The Ninja Pick Device is a device that adds flexibility to hair grooming processes. The Ninja Pick Devise is easily maneuverable, easily transportable, inexpensive to manufacture, and lightweight.

Monday, September 21, 2015

In the news: David Cameron

Intellectual Properteh!

You know, some trademark registrations really raise more questions than they answer. I'm not sure what puzzles me more - the rogue apostrophe in "American's," or the implied marketing strategy at a company that offers "Mortgage foreclosure services."

Thursday, September 17, 2015

You know,

If you came to me 40 years ago and told me that someday Donald Trump would be the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination, I'd have said: "Leave me alone mister, I'm only eight years old."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Etymological Surrender

Written in 1930

"But the most lasting agony of this war was suffered, not by the defeated, but by the victors. For when their passions had cooled, the Americans could not easily disguise from themselves that they had committed murder. They were not at heart a brutal folk, but rather a kindly. They liked to think of the world as a place of innocent pleasure-seeking, and of themselves as the main purveyors of delight. Yet they had been somehow drawn into this fantastic crime; and henceforth and all-pervading sense of collective guilt warped the American mind. They had ever been vainglorious and intolerant; but now these qualities in them became extravagant even to insanity. Both as individuals and collectively, they became increasingly frightened of criticism, increasingly prone to blame and hate, increasingly self-righteous, increasingly hostile to the critical intelligence, increasingly superstitious."

from /Last and First Men/, by Olaf Stapledon

Hey Taiwan

I'm getting the impression that Miss 洪秀柱 is... not exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, if you get my drift.

There's no place like ホーム

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Whoa, we've got great hair

Promoters: Jon Bon Jovi shows in Shanghai and Beijing canceled for 'unforeseen reasons'

Jon was gonna sing in Beijing
CCP got pissed
‘Bout the Dalai Lama thing
It's tough, so tough

Tico played the drums all day
Prepared for the show,
He’s ready to play
For love, for love

They say, "We've gotta strive hard to mollify Xi.
You can’t perform in China without The Party
My wife’s cousin has a son who’s in the NPC.
I’ll call, and we'll use our guanxi!"

Some of y'all might know this, and some of y'all don't



I may not agree with your taste in music, but I will defend to the death your right to... listen... to... 

You know what? Forget it. Just turn that shit off right now before I kick your ass. Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with you young people these days?